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Tax Strategy: The New UK Publication Requirement

Tax Strategy: The New UK Publication Requirement

11 January 2017, 12.00 GMT, 13.00 CET
Host: Sophie Blegent-Delapille
Presenters: Mark Kennedy, Arran Taylor

In September 2016 a new requirement for certain entities to publish their UK tax strategy statements online was enacted. The scope of this requirement is broad, applying not only to large UK businesses, but also some smaller UK businesses which form part of a larger multinational group. Organisations need to have confidence in their underlying approach to the management of tax risks and ensure that it bears close inspection by stakeholders, with potentially significant reputational risks where it does not. What does this publication requirement mean for your organisation?

We'll discuss:

  • An overview of the publication requirement.
  • The challenges this presents for organisations.
  • Latest insights from our discussions with the UK tax authorities.
  • How multinational groups are addressing this UK requirement and similar requirements emerging in other jurisdictions.

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