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Tax Data Analytics: Trends In 2017

Tax Data Analytics: Trends In 2017

22 February 2017, 12.00 GMT, 13.00 CET
Host: Jan van Trigt
Presenters: Albert Fleming, Liesbet Nevelsteen, Scott McCormick

The tax landscape continues to change as large corporates respond to increased scrutiny and reporting requests from tax authorities, whilst regulators and the general public demand greater tax transparency. Technology in general, and data analytics in particular, are making a significant contribution to the way enterprises are responding to this changing world and tax authorities are proactively using the much larger quantities of available data.

We'll discuss:

  • Market blurring as traditional demarcations across tax service providers break down.
  • The impact of exponential technologies in tax analytics.
  • The opportunities for tax in leveraging the hyper-connected world.
  • How the drive for tax transparency, together with technology and analytics, is impacting the compliance culture of multinationals.
  • Emerging leaders: what we can learn from tax authorities in technologically progressive regions.
  • Changing expectations driven by an evolving workforce working in tax and analytics.

Understand how you can apply these trends to your business.

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