Transfer Pricing

Comparables And Economic Valuation In The EU

Comparables And Economic Valuation In The EU

31 May 2017, 12.00 BST, 13.00 CEST
Host: André Schaffers
Presenters: Iwona Georgijew, Maria Panina, Rob Peeters

Recently, the European Commission embarked on two ambitious projects to address open transfer pricing issues and provide a framework for their interpretation within the EU. In that context, and with the objective of establishing practical guidance, it engaged in two studies, on comparables and economic valuation. Where is the European Commission heading in terms of transfer pricing matters and what could be the impact on your organisation?

We'll discuss:

  • The general availability and selection of comparables.
  • State of play on use of regional comparables and Pan-European benchmark studies.
  • Use of ranges when dealing with external comparables in the EU.
  • The use and acceptability of adjustments to comparables.
  • What makes valuations for TP purposes different to valuations for other purposes.
  • Our experience of different methodologies used for valuations in TP and their challenges.
  • Tax authorities’ resources to review and challenge valuations.

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