Global Mobility And Employment Taxes

Managing Business Travel Compliance Risk


Managing Business Travel Compliance Risk
Tuesday 23 January 2018, 12.00 GMT, 13.00 CET
Host: James Macpherson
Presenters: Deepinder Lamba, Danny Taggart

Authorities around the world are increasing their focus on business travellers, placing greater scrutiny on them and their employers. Effective use of technology (to flag risks), data analytics (for compliance reporting) and entry to employment service models, can help address some of the challenges faced by organisations. Additionally, employers are expected to have full oversight of their business travellers; actively managing consequent compliance risks associated with immigration, tax, social security, payroll, and permanent establishment. How can your organisation keep on top of the shifting landscape, enhance governance and strengthen compliance?

We'll discuss:

  • How authorities focus on business travel has evolved and the implications.
  • Global hotspots and where employer focus on compliance is best placed.
  • How organisations are responding to the challenges.
  • Leveraging technology and data analytics.
  • Building a path to improved compliance and success.


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