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Global Compliance – A Demanding Environment

Global Compliance – A Demanding Environment
19 March 2019, 12.00 GMT, 13.00 CET
Host: Sarah Watts
Presenters: David Wright, Liesbet Nevelsteen

Global tax and finance teams are being challenged by increasing compliance and reporting demands. Research shows that global heads are wrestling with with the challenges of delivering global compliance. How can teams gain control whilst leveraging the power of data? We’ll discuss:

  • Global compliance and underlying issues and challenges, including:
    - different and constantly changing demands locally and globally.
    - the focus on technology, data and reporting.
    - balancing the overall cost with the risk and opportunity created.
  • Who is affected and approaches being taken.
  • What ‘good’ currently looks like.
  • Steps groups can take to be future ready.

Discover how to gain control over compliance and reporting globally, face the future and strive to discover value.


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