EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime (DAC6) – Next Steps

EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime (DAC6) - Next Steps
Wednesday 18 March, 14.30 GMT/15.30 CET
Host: Daniel Lyons
Presenters:Owen Gibbs, Michael Grebe, Jamie Ratibb

The 6th version of the EU Directive on administrative cooperation (DAC6) implements new mandatory disclosure rules for EU intermediaries and taxpayers in relation to certain arrangements. First reports will be required from July 2020 and the requirements apply to arrangements as far back as 25 June 2018. The timeline for compliance is very short and the penalties for non-compliance are high, so what response should your organisation have in place? We’ll discuss:

  • An overview of the legislative landscape, considering local implementation of the directive
  • Examples of how to assess transactions for reportability, including typical transactions that may be captured under DAC6
  • Case studies covering the practical components for compliance and the varied approaches seen in the market

Learn more about the requirements under these new rules and the pragmatic steps to ensuring compliance.


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