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Perspectives On COVID-19 - Financing And Treasury: Tax Matters

Perspectives On COVID-19 - Financing And Treasury: Tax Matters
Thursday 30 April, 12.00 BST/13.00 CEST
Host: Ben Moseley
Presenters: Karlien Porre, Helen Chadwick, Mo Malhotra

Treasury teams are quickly evaluating cash management, financing needs and hedging priorities; responding to companies’ immediate liquidity needs, looking forward to the next phase of recovery. Any treasury actions are likely to have tax implications, which could directly impact on cash resources, so it’s important that treasury, finance, tax, transfer pricing and legal teams work together in designing and implementing strategies. Some of the key aspects are highlighted in our guide, and in this webcast we’ll discuss:

  • Current considerations for treasury teams and the related tax implications - focusing on external and internal funding, cash and liquidity management, and foreign exchange, hedging priorities given volatile cash flows and financial markets
  • Key considerations for tax teams related to treasury operations - focusing on areas such as income-based interest limitations, transfer pricing of financial transactions, loss utilisation and financial instruments restructuring
  • Practical steps for tax and treasury teams to think about now, and looking forwards to recovery

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