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Losing Interest? Corporate Interest Deductibility – Part 2

Losing Interest? Corporate Interest Deductibility – Part 2

21 February 2017, 12.00 GMT/13.00 CET
Host: Bill Dodwell
Presenters: Jim Charlton, Ben Moseley, Helen Chadwick

Following the release of a partial initial draft of the legislation on 5 December 2016, a full draft of the corporate interest restriction legislation was released on 26 January 2017. Further to our previous recent Dbriefs webcast on this topic, which considered an overview of the rules, we will now look at the revised draft which includes legislation on a number of areas which were left outstanding in December, including details of the operation of the group ratio, the exemption for public benefit infrastructure projects, and various other elections, including one to deal with mismatches between tax and accounting measures for the purposes of the group ratio. How can your organisation prepare for the impact these rules will have?

We'll discuss:

  • A reminder of how the rules work in practice.
  • What has changed in this second draft of the legislation and what further changes are anticipated.
  • The many elections available to groups and the choices groups will need to make.
  • Areas where applying the legislation may create particular challenges in practice.

Learn about how your organisation can prepare for these significant changes coming into force on 1 April.

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