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Combating COVID-19 With Resilience: Moving Towards Recovery

Combating COVID-19 With Resilience: Moving Towards Recovery

14 April 2020, 12.00 BST
Host: Richard Williams
Presenters: James Bland, Sophie Brown, Gareth Pritchard, Ben Moseley

The world continues to adapt to the spread of the coronavirus. While most organisations are rightly focused on short terms efforts to Respond to this crisis, and in particular making sure that Government incentives have been accessed to ensure the ongoing liquidity of your businesses, we know that resilient organisations and leaders will soon shift focus to the Recovery phase, to learn from the crisis and emerge stronger. What practical steps can you take now to start to position your organisation for the Recovery phase? We’ll discuss:

  • The impact the crisis may have made on geographical footprints and what this means
  • Potential changes to transfer pricing, supply chains and financing structures
  • The impact all this may have on your ongoing Effective Tax Rate and future cash tax payment profile

Join Deloitte’s panel of tax experts for the first in our series of webcasts where we explore the road to Recovery.

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